Written by: Tomasz Lewicki
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Where you spend your holiday or break? Maybe you will travel to West, maybe visit Poland.

When nearing break, all of people are thinking out extra trip. Tourists pick France, Italy, Greece. However we without a doubt want to something different. Place, where we can relax and see entertaining monument. Perhaps we could arrange travel to Poland.
Written by: Vladimir Yaitskiy
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What ideas we have to take into account for a winter trip?

The wintertime season is getting considerably better.The coming next days and nights will for sure generate a peak during that vacation season. Many young children with their parents are going to mountain areas to have a memorable time.
Written by: Ashley Van Haeften
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The most gorgeous locations recommended by foreigner travellers

Have you ever tried to go to areas which are suggested by another foreigner traveler?
This article will provide the 7 Polish wonders which have been picked by foreigner travellers.
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