What kind of goods are worth to export to the Russian Federation?

A huge number of company individuals think about working their items to the Putin’s place – the Russian Federation. It may be an excellent idea because Russian Federation is a big place where lives more than one hundred forty million individuals who also like high quality and costly, foreign items. However, earlier you make the final decision, it is important to think twice about the best items which are specifically adored by Russian people.

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What aobut russian gost?

Thankfully, the Russian has presented the list of items which are imported from European and international makers. The most profitable items are:
• Footwear – seventy five% of sold products at Russian market are imported – the foreign items were worth $3,7 billion.
• Stockings, socks and alike products – 70% of them are shipped and they are worth about $14,6 billion.
• Vacuum cleaners and other house products – 95% of the household equipment which are available at Russian marketplace come from different places. It is 1 of the greatest amounts. The items were worth $157 billion.
• Meat and another types of meat – Russian dealers import around 78% of sold meat. The items is worth $3,5 billion.
• Drugs – it is the final category which is worth to look closer. seventy five% of sold medicines in the Russian Federation are imported. The industry is worth about $20 billion.

Nevertheless, Russia is a place which import a lot of products, not every person can offer there the items without special permission. The Russian Federation looks after the quality of foreign things which are brought in to the country. For that reason, there has been introduced special certificate named russian gost but various men and ladies call it simply gost r.
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The document agrees with that your company makes high excellence products in accordance to Russian’s requirements and needs. What is more, if you prepare to trade products to the Russian Federation constantly, it is worth to issue permanent document. All of those certificates can be purchased and provided in any European places.
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