Is normal bike boring for you? Are you seeking for something unique? Do you have any special needs? go for custom bicycle.

Every year riding a bicycle become more popular. Not only among professional riders but average people. bicycle is a nice opportunity for a trip outside the city. It may be also dreamed mean of transport, particulary in the area where there are a lot of traffic jams. Amateurs are becomming more creative due to bike's apperance.

They are
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using corolful stains or stickers. It's also fashionable to have sophisticated acessories e.g. pink basket, bell in a shape of raspberry, pizza saddle's cover. People are doing it themselves or buying it in fancy shops. Market have evaluated because of customer's needs. Right now you have the possiblity to design your own bicycle and order it for yourself. Plenty of shops offer an option to form custom bicycle. You can suggest frame size, handlebar type, wheel size and of course taint. Additionally you can project your authorial writing on the bike. If you will be bored you can without any troubles change particular part of your vechicle. There is already a custom bicycles society. People visit the bicycle shop as if they visited the garage and wanna Pimp Their Ride. They're organizing the fan's events. They are sharing ideas and new technologies.They 'll always find some elements to improve. It's not just a bike is a masterpiece for them. As you can see there is many options. It's great entertainment for people who like unusuall stuff. But is it only for them? You may think "A bicycle is just to ride , only rich people would go for custom bicycles and flash ". Is it always correct? What else are custom single speed bikes? Some people have special needs and using a normal bicycle is impossible for them. There are particular shops which provieds custom fixie bike for people with disabilities. All they have to do is defin their problem an a specialist will construt a bike for them.

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Where to travel with kids

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It is not necessarily that easy to travel with children. Actually, kids are probably the most demanding as well as critical tourists. Thus, before taking your daughters and sons to holidays, it is worth to check which cities offer the best attractions for kids.
They can choose from vide range of options. Very often such bicycles are quite expensive but shops offer quite oftenbargains e.g.

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People with disabilities don’t pay VAT on disability products. Sometimes a charity can provide some extra money for it as well.
If you want to go for a ride with you kid but you aren't sure if your little one is old enough to ride alone, rear steer tandem might be an idea for you. You can be easy-going: front bars give the younger one something to hold onto but aren’t affixed to the steering, so you will stay in charge!
You don't have to follow the schema and your bike doesn't have to be average. Special needs or your own motive - you don't have to confess your decision. Just take a look at the offer choose the best opportunity for you and have a nice trip!
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