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When spring is arriving, most of us start to thinking of future vacations. IT's really normal, cause first warmer days of April, make us dreaming of tropical spots. Right now in Poland, thanks to our membership in EU, we got plenty of various travel destination to choose, all thanks to cheap airline companies.

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Nowadays, people are far more flexible, then they were couple decades earlier. We do not need to be so much political as earlier, we can do whatever we wish. Similar is in the vogue.

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Lately, more and more voyagers are visiting Kazakhstan, really great country in Asia.

The most famous area in there is Altyn Emel Tour well visit to it can be localized in each travel agency. That is the national park, located in the southern part of the country. It's famous for it dunes, grasslands and many of different types of animals and plants. Altyn Emel requires from you couple days, to got a chance to show you each of it treasures. Especially since the most important spots, like Singing Dune and Aktu hills are separated from each other with many miles. But there is no problem at all, at the venue of the park, we've couple of different shelters to sleep in.

When you're thinking to go to Kazakhstan to see that amazing park you have two option. First will be to buy Altyn Emel much more you can read on the internet tour: into the travel office - this option is expensive, but you don't need to worry about anything, even food. Another option is to organize whole holidays on your own, step after step. Buy an air ticket - the best price can be gain six months earlier. Next, you need to drive from the airfield to Altyn - train leaves very often, therefore it shouldn't be an issue. In there, you have to visit village named Basszi, where you need to pay to enter the national park.

Altyn Emel is some of the nicest national parks at the planet, so it's definitely worth to be explored. Cruise this kind do not have to be expensive - you can look for discounted trips in travel agencies, or organize entire voyage all on your own, which could be even cheaper.
2018/06/27, 09:13
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