Warsaw - visit capital city of Poland. It isn't possible to be bored there. Come and check it out!

Warsaw is Polish capital. It is also largest city in Poland with more than 1,7 milions citizens. It have got a long and stormy pasthistory.

Every year a lot of visitorstravelers arriving to see the city.

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They have wide range of opportunities to choose. One example is Warsaw city tour. You can look for free tours or much more fancy. Warsaw tourist guides refer to page are also worth to pay attention to. Some of them are students who want to earn some money. But anotothers are proffestionalls and passionates. Some of them live in Warsaw since few generations. They keep in mind their ancestors histories and share them with passion.

The most recognizable place in Warsaw is Palace of Science and Culture. The Soviet architect designed it in 1955. It is the tallest building in the country. It is seat of various companies such as theaters, libraries, scientific institutions and authorities of the Polish Academy of Sciences -

Another very popular spot is Warsaw Uprising Museum. It's all about Warsaw (warsaw city tours) Uprising 1944. It is international museum which helps you to feel the atmosphere of hard times. Tourists at any age are welcome in this museum.

For people who love science, Copernicus Science Centre might be an amazing place. It's well prepared to young visitors but adults will also find very engaging exhibitions overe there. It includes over 450 interactive exhibits that enable visitors to manually carry out experiments and discover the laws of science on their own. The Centre is the biggest institution of its type in Poland and one of the most advanced in Europe.

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Very fabulous place to relax is Lazienki - Royal Residence Park. It is largest park in the city.

In Warsaw there is also many good restaurants. You can try oryginal polish cuisine for fair price.

Differet kinds of dumplings, soups, meat plates. You should for sure try it out.

Warsaw is beautifull city. If you would decide to go there you won't be bored. It's a city with plenty of cultural objects, but even more entertaining spots.
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