Today, the article will be concentrated on finding solutions to the question: “Why is it worth to go to Auschwitz”?

Auschwitz is located in north part of Poland and it used to be concentrated camp established by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. In this area thousands people lost their lives, their dreams and loves. It is a place where 21st century law was not respected even in 10 %.

At present, in area of death camp is located museum which describes the everyday life of inmates and guards. Today everyone can see what has left from the dark part of the 2nd Globe Fighting.

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The area does not give an impression a casual museum. When you go into the building you can literally feel death and the times past. Nevertheless, there are also some positive parts of visiting the former concentrate camp (find more on ).

The first and the most important is history. When you enter the Auschwitz museum you will know the feelings, feelings of individuals described in times past’s students’ volumes, in battle literature and movies. Thanks visiting the museum you can understand the history of Poland and learn how cruel war is able to be. It is an excellent the past lesson for young people and grown-ups.

Secondly, the museum contains the original things which are evidences of the past and which have observed the death of 1000s individuals. Moreover, there is a wall which is an area of death of blameless individuals who have been murdered only because they were not French.

The 3rd and the most influential side of going to Auschwitz is appreciating of your own being. Most people underestimate their beings. They think that if they were born, they deserve to live. Nonetheless, in Auschwitz life was not so easy (www address). Individuals had to fight to survive and when they stayed alive their lives were damaged. Tonight, you as a 21st century visitor has an opportunity to make your life better, stop waste your moment in time and do something better for your family members and yourself.
Going to Auschwitz museum is able to have plenty benefits. You can learn more about olden times, the Second World Conflict and yourself. If you have an opportunity to visit the former concentrate camp, go to auschwitz tours!
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2018/06/21, 20:07
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