Warsaw - capital city with many faces. Come and check at polish past and present.

Warsaw is capital of Poland. Without any doubts it is a city worth to visit. In such a big city it could be easy to miss some beautiful places. To avoid such possiblity it is good to take into consideration to go for organised trip around the city.

Warsaw city tour becomes more and more famous. Travellers wanna be sure that they will explore all the significant places and have an overlook at history. Warsaw's history is really unique and uncommon. In the past the city went through not only glory years, but was close to complete destruction caused by Swedish, Russian and german cityzents. The most touching part of the polish capital's history was the Second World War. Nazist planned destruction of the Polish capital before the start of war. The first bombs felt on Warsaw already on 1 September 1939. Since October 1940, the Germans had been deporting Warsaw's entire Jewish community (several hundred thousand, some 30% of the city) to the Warsaw Ghetto. They herded c. 500,000 people on the area of c. 2.6 square kilometres. Warsaw tourist guides could tell you more about those situations during the special "Jewish Tour. You can also visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum to get to know more details about war. Another interesting place is the magnificent POLIN - Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

warsaw city tour
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Warsaw isn't only popular due to history. Warsaw tourist guides can tell you plenty of awesome stories about polish kings and presidents. For a view of Warsaw’s Imperial elegance, you should visit Łazienki Park and Palace and Wilanów Palace - dubbed ‘The Polish Versailles.’

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Without any doubts you must see city centre. The capital's defining landmark definitelly is the Palace of Culture and Science.

The building tower is more than 231 metres in height - making it the tallest and largest structure in whole country.

Warsaw - the biggest city in Poland, with long tradition and culture. Come and visit the city! You will not regret!
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