Where to travel for longer weekend?

Year by year a concept of city break is becoming more popular among Polish travelers. Nowadays, we wish to travel much more then just for the holidays. That is why, if longer weekend is arriving, we can use this time to visit any interesting city in Old Continent.

Which place is worth to be seen?


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Go to to Mary in a really attractive price

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When spring is arriving, plenty of us stArt to organize future holidays. But sometimes is proper to wonder about it a lot earlier. Right now, because of small airline corporations, people from Poland have plenty different places to visit for a song.

The main town of Holland is really popular right now, especially since plenty of Polish citizens move out there for work. Amsterdam is really beautiful city, with pretty panorama and plenty of extraordinary buildings. In there you will be able to go to Red Light District, that is entirely legal in that country. In there you can see pretty women siting by the window and waiting for their customers. Next decent spot to observe is Rijskmuseum, one of the biggest art exhibition in whole planet. It is popular mainly because of Dutch geniuses, like Rembrandt, van Delft and also Bosch. If you're interested in history you shouldn't miss a trip (check) to Ann Frank's Home. It is a place, where that brave girl used to hide because of Nazis in time of past war. But even simple walk among the old area of an Amsterdam is amazing experience. Whole city is packed with nice bridges, situated above wide river.

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Next great capital in to travel to is Budapest. That Hungarian city is packed with amazing architecture, designed in many different styles. First of all you've to for the trip to the old town, with amazing Royal Castle situated on a tall hill.

It was a main house of Hungarian overlords, today most of the chambers are opened for visitors. Next great building in this area of city is Fisherman Tower, amazing example of Romanesque Revival architecture.
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