Next vacations in Canada? Why not!

North America become very famous among Polish citizens, especially since airline companies lower prices for intercontinental flights much. Passengers like to see United States, cause they know it really good from pop culture.

However also Canada, close neighbor of States is really great place to go to, and even more affordable.

Don't forget before the flight

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When you wish to spend next holidays in Canada you do not need to spend a lot of time and energy to own a visa, cause with this land it is much easier. Since several years people from our country do not need to organize any interview with consul, such as in case of United State's visa. You just have to remember to create a special account online, on special Canadian website for foreign travelers. It cost couple of dollars and should take only about couple of minutes. Beside, when you like to visit this amazing land you have to own valid passport, cause ID won't be enough. You need to remember of regulations about food transfer. Entire North America don't allowed any food or beverages from EU, until it is tested by there people.

Where to travel?

Canada has a lot of interesting cities which will be perfect for future holidays. One of the most famous is Montreal, beautiful area in the middle of America. It were the biggest capital of French pilgrims, so even now you'll find in there nice examples of buildings.

Very great will be Notre Dame cathedral, that is original, medieval building, constructed in France and later shipped to Canada in a lot of pieces. Second great city, but much more hi-tech, is Toronto. It is famous thanks to CN Tower, which used to be the highest tower in the world, for many decades.
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