Holidays in middle of Asia in resonable price

Nowadays, Polish tourist sometimes have a difficult time to decide where to travel for vacations. It's all because of small airline carriers, which are creating new connections from our country every year.


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Holidays in exotic land for a song

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When people are wondering of next holidays in most of occasions they are dreaming of some exotic lands, where weather is amazing and a lot of attractions are available.

Since January, we are able to travel to central Asia for a song. So when you've never been to this area, you should consider to travel there, because it has plenty of nice attractions to explore.

Good idea is to book flights from Warsaw to Mary holidays in Turkmenistan should be nice for sure. This city is situated in the middle of Turkmenistan, but you can take a train and travel to sea site during couple hours. Because of that, you'll have a chance to admire amazing landscape of whole Turkmenistan. If you want to travel in there for a song, you should reserve your flight 6 months earlier. Also, for shorter, lasting entire week trip, you does not need to pay for registered baggage. Cause carry on is big enough to stuff a lot of your clothes, and is not payable. You wouldn't have any issues with accommodation, cause you can book it online.

If you begin your Mary holidays, before you travel to the sea site you should do any sightseeing in there. Cause Mary is very interesting city, with many of attractions. Architecture in there is spectacular. You will see in there great mix of ancient, Muslim buildings, Mansions made in Social realism era and modern skyscrapers. After you done with this area, you should go to Turkmenbasy, amazing sea resort. Beaches in there are amazing and hotels very comfortable. You will have plenty of fun up there.

Written by: Mama i ja
Taken from: Mama i ja

Turkmenistan is really charming state, situated in central Asia.

Because of small airline carriers, since 2017 you have a chance to travel there for a penny. Only organize your trip six months ahead, to get the best deal on flights. Don't miss sightseeing in Mary, destination point, before you travel to the sea site.
2019/06/07, 07:46
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