Ways how to be sure that you don’t have another boring wedding ceremony

In today’s word, everybody wants to be original. Most of men and women simply want to be different than everyone else. These days, being creative is extremely substantial both in professional as well as private live. This is exactly the same regarding weddings. Most of couples don’t want to have just another typical ceremony, which would be similar to many others.

wedding in Venice
Written by: Luca Fazzolari
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Those couples try their best to have something unique, so all of the guests would remember the ceremony for a long time. Unluckily, very often they still end up with another ceremony, that is neither unique nor worth remembering. If you don’t wanna make the same mistake, read simple tips on how to be sure, that a wedding ceremony would be really worth remembering. To begin with, good choice of location is the key to success. Nonetheless, it won’t be enough to choose the building that is conveniently located. Nowadays, it is rather a standard already. Thus, if the ceremony is about to be unique, you need to think about something unconventional, as for example organizing marriage in Venice. Why? ‘Cause it would be really easy to make it splendid - worth checking out. Eg., in Venice this would be possible to have boat trip on amazing grand canal for all wedding guests. Other great idea is to organize thematic wedding, as for example carnival of venice. Then all guests would wear masks that are typical for this carnival. Possibilities are countless.

wedding in italy
Written by: Luca Fazzolari
Taken from: http://www.flickr.com
Second, it is important to stay romantic. Wedding ceremony is all about love thus without doubt it should be in this way. Plenty of couples try to be that funny or so original, that this amazing atmosphere of love disappears. Consequently, it is relevant to make sure that all of these symbols of love are present and visible at the wedding. It could be symbolized in many different ways. One of them might be a romantic story. Eg., if organizing marriage in Verona, it might be useful to connect it with the romantic romantic story of Romeo and Juliet, who were main characters a very well known play of Shakespeare - It may be also symbolized by traditional things, such as shapes of hearths. Nevertheless, if you choose the second option, it is substantial to be sure that this doesn’t look cliché. From time to timethe line between a thing that is unique and cliché may be very thin.
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