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In time of last 10 years Polish citizens have a chance to travel all around the europe, using nice offers of cheap airline carriers. That is why our continent get too tiny for us, so we want to travel to different regions.

If you're interested in nice holidays in some popular country, you have to consider a trip to United States.


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Before you reserve a flight or last minute trip to America, you need to take care of travel visa, cause still Polish people require that to visit this country. It will take a while to get this paper, so you should begin preparation a year before you journey. First of all book online a meeting with USA's council, you should wait about several months for the date. Next you need to visit one of embassies, situated in capital or Cracow. You will need to go there in person and answer for few questions about your career, finances and family status. When you are not a past criminal you shouldn't have an issue to get visa.

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Right now, since Poland is develop, thanks to it membership in EU, travelers from here have many of various holidays destinations to choose. All thanks to small airline carriers, that are offering new flights each year.


When you're traveling to USA on your own the cheapest flight from Poland should be to New York. You can also find last minute trips for southern locations in this country. Beside, even after couple days in New York you may travel to another locations, with domestic flights, which are in very attractive price. In NYC you need to go to Manhattan, with it amazing skyscrapers, like Chrysler Building for instance. Also, in this district you will see Central Park, the biggest place of green in the American state.

From New York you should use a flight to Los Angeles and San Francisco, both cities are amazing and stuffed with sun. From this state is also simple to reach Hawaii, amazing island with lovely beaches.
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