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Right now when we wish to spend vacations abroad, a lot more problems we have with choosing one of many locations, than to collect money for it. That's why it's good to be aware of latest trends in travel sector.

Here're several hot destinations, which are very popular among Polish tourists.

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Tropical resorts

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Most of last minute offers for summer are about destinations localized in the south area of continent. Nothing weird in that, cause we all want to enjoy nice weather on some spectacular beach. Of you want to appreciate it as well, and also to see some great monuments, you should choose one of Greek isles. Many of those may offer you spectacular, ancient buildings and phenomenal conditions for travelers. Next great concept is to explore Italian isles, Sicilia or Sardinia. Each is great when you wish to enjoy vacations in a small but charming village, adapted for tourists very well.

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Northern locations

Summer holiday is either perfect occasion when you like to explore countries, which for the most of time are cold. That is why year after year last minute offers to Scandinavia are becoming a lot more famous. There are plenty of phenomenal areas to explore in this lands, which aren't similar to another, European countries for instance. In Iceland you'll be astonished by breathtaking landscapes and charming architecture of the towns. Norway is the perfect place to see very old fjords and appreciate some great cuisine.

You can't either forget about Finland, which were chosen as "the best place to live in" last year. The warmest climate is in Sweden as well in Denmark, both are situated very near to the Polish shore. The best moment to explore Scandinavia is July or August.
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