The best ideas for weekend trip in Europe

Everyone need to have some vacations, even if just for single week. It's relevant for the sanity, cause brain and body need to rest from hard work. However sometimes one trip isn't enough for us, but we don't have enough days off at labor for another journey.

If you have a difficulties like that you better consider a short, weekend tour to some European metropolis.


Travel companies are providing great last minute trips for unforgettable weekend in Paris. Finest prize for that you will get during low season, therefore avoid July or August. The capital of lovers is great place with plenty of attractions, so when you wish to see most of it you need to arrange a good plan. There is time only for one museum, therefore if you are not expert in this case, you should go to d'Orsay Museum. It contains plenty of famous masterpieces, however the queues to go inside are a lot shorter than in Louvre. Do not miss a trip to Montmartre quarter, where you may find a Moulin Rouge cabaret and Sacre-Coeur basilica.


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Another famous last minute option this year is Amsterdam, also for a quicker trip. Nothing odd in that, because the city can provides a lot of different attractions, for every type of travelers. Amateurs of art will get a chance to explore in there some of the biggest art gallery in entire world, Rijskmuseum. The collection contain masterpieces of famous, Dutch painters, includes Bosch and Rembrandt.

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To buy a offer from travel office or organize it by ourselves?

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Young individuals who wish to travel to any decent location for holidays, very often better like to arrange it on their own, instead of reserving a trip in travel agency.
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