Still don’t know what to do during upcoming holiday?

Holiday season is on. Many people has been planning their holidays for months. However, if you are not one of them, do not worry. You can still have marvelous holidays. Particularly after reading about suggested destinations.

1 of them is Instanbul. This magical place is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the whole world. And the reason for this is relatively obvious – this city is simply wonderful! Instanbul is regularly referred to as the city of contrast. Thanks to this contrast, Instanbul is so unique! Historical buildings stand right next modern ones. Both liberal and conservative Muslims can be seen on the street and you can also see how peacefully they live with people from other religious and cultures (photo source). Close to each other you can see mosques, synagogues and churches. If you add to this marvelous architecture, great museums, delicious Turkish cuisine and famous Turkish hospitality, you would have this marvelous mix that makes Instanbul so charming.Another great thing is that there ar enumerous cheap flights Istanbul.
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The second suggestion is to visit 2 cities which seem to be not connected at all. E.g. – London and Krakow. The idea is relatively simple – first you visit London, try to get familiar with its history as well as culture. Later on, you take flights from London to Krakow, and try to discover this city.
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To begin with, it may seem that those cities have nothing in common (published). Hovewer, if you put an effort into this, you will discover many similarities and many common historical aspects.

One thing is sure - such summer can be a very educational experience! During 1 trip, you will gain a possibility to visit two different cities in two different countries. Thanks to that, you will gain a possibility to become familiar with many different aspects of the same issue. As for instance history aspect. Nonetheless, it is not only about history and can be used also in any other areas of interest, as for example: music or cuisine.
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