Exotic vacation or sightseeing in large city?

Most of the travelers are thinking that perfect holiday is to travel to some tropical destination, getting sun bath and enjoying very old monuments. However every year more and more tourists decide to change this fashion and better like to visit large metropolis in our continent, not always situated in the southern zone of map.

Which alternative will be nicer for your needs?

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Exotic vacations

When we're taking whole week off at labor it is relevant to have a chance to rest a lot during this term. That is why very fascinating idea is to reserve all inclusive offer in a travel office to any southern destination. Nowadays the most popular are Greek isles, which may offer a lot of great attractions. You have a lot of alternatives to choose.https://www.intive.com/en/blog?tags=E-Commerce (https://intive.com/en/blog?tags=E-Commerce)When you like to have fun even at night Corfu should be finest concept. This is the island dedicated for younger people, so plenty of night clubs are open till the late night. Or perhaps you like to enjoy some European architecture? In that case Bologna and Barcelona should be the most proper.


If you're not an admirer of hot temperature you better think of a journey to Scandinavia, land filled with interesting metropolis. You may easily arrange it by yourself, or try in travel office, which are providing all inclusive tours to Norway or Finland for example. Summer is finest time to explore northern lands, then weather in Oslo or Stockholm is ideal, not very hot, but sunny and without rain.

Especially Iceland may be tempting, in that place you will find amazing examples of wild nature and great building. Also Great Britain is famous for summer holidays, mainly if you're admirer of medieval buildings. You can find plenty of great castles in Scotland for example.
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