Spain – an interesting holiday destination

Spain is a European country located on the Iberian Peninsula in the Western Europe. The capital of the country as well as the most populous city is Madrid. The official language in Spain is Spanish. Spain borders France and Portugal. The number of Spanish residents is 46,468,102 who live in an area of 505,990km².

The country is the 51st biggest country in the world and it is the 30th most populous country in the world. Spain is also the second largest country in the European Union after France.

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The most significant cities in Spain

The most popular city in Spain dedicated to holidaymakers who prefer city breaks is the capital of Spain – Madrid. It is the largest city of the country where lives 3.166 million of residents. It is the 3rd largest city in the European Union after London and Berlin. The city is placed in the central part of Spain. During your stay in the city, it is worth to focus on the Gran Via Street, Plaza Mayor as well as Royal Palace. The European travellers may easily reach the city using the air transport. The city is served by Madrid-Barajas Airport that is the sixth largest airport in Europe. Another city worth visiting in Spain is Bilbao. The city is placed in the north of Spain in Biscay province. It is the tenth largest city of Spain located very close to the Atlantic Ocean. While you are in the town, it is worth to see the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum and take part in numerous festivals that are available almost every week during summer. If you think that Bilbao is a perfect destination for your needs, you may purchase the airline ticket to Bilbao Airport that is placed only 12 kilometres from Bilbao City Centre.

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Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations among European residents. However, not every of those travellers is aware about those interesting facts about the country. There are some of them:

- Spain is a constitutional monarchy – currently King Felipe VI is the ruler of the country.

- There are forty-four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain.

- Spain is a huge manufacturer of olive oil.

- The country is considered to be one of the oldest country in Europe – 40% of population are people who are over 60.
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