The perfect location for the vacations – Greek island

It is the heart of spring and regrettably many people have not chosen the vacation location. This text is created to help you in generating the last choice and introduce you the perfect place for each vacations – the magic destination worth visiting is known as Santorini and it is one of Greek destinations.

More facts about the Greek island

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Santorini is a volcanic island which is placed in the Aegean Sea. It is not the just one island – here are some smaller destinations which also belong to Greece. The countries are component of the Cyclades. The main island – Santorini is located 175 km southeast from the coast of Greece and 110 km north from the coast of Crete.

Some historians claim that Santorini was only a part of bigger isles. What is more, many historic sources express that approximately in 1600 B.C. here was huge vulcan eruption which ruined the area and divide it into Santorini (more Santorini blog posts) and couple of smaller isles. Many components of bigger island were sunk. As a result, the visitors can sunbath on black or red beach.

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How to make the start of our marriage very amazing? Santorini honeymoons as a recipe for amazing start of the mutual track in life

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Santorini honeymoons is a service that more and more customers contemporarily tend to be keen on. Although Santorini is a name that rather sounds to be connected with Italian language, in fact it is a name of a Greek island. An island, which is likely not the most popular, as such title would rather belong to one from: Kos, Zakynthos, Crete or Rhodes. Nevertheless, if we would spend some time on getting to know about this place, we might be assured that we will be pretty amazed with how this place looks like.

Nowadays, the Santorini is a really safe destination for the visitors. As a result, they visit the area as often they can. In Santorini and especially on the primary area of Thira the tourism has been strongly designed and nowadays it is one of the main supply of income. The main villages which are important to go to are: Akrotiri, Emporio, Faros, Fira, Oia, Kamari, Santorini, Perissa, Pyrgos.
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