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The current research has shown that just half of British people go on vacations every year. It may be many people but still the second half stay at home and do not see any places at all. There are various causes why the people do not travel during the summer. Many of them do not own any cash (it is the most frequent explanation), some are sick and do not feel fit enough to go and many of them do not enjoy going out from house at all – they name themselves homebody.

Nevertheless, there is a solution for the people who do not travel because of financial causes. They should select some discounted locations where they may have a excellent time and do not spend fortune for the dream holidays - PLL LOT -. One of the destinations which is frequently selected by the men and females who have limited budget is Poland.

Why is it value to travel to poland?

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• Poland is a low-cost country which is located in the center of Europe. It is cheap country because there is not Euro money like in any another parts of Europe. Here is a Polish zloty which is four or even five times less expensive than Euro and penny. It indicates that the majority of items are much discounted than in the United Kingdom and in the USA.

• The outdoor in Poland is very rich and different. Here are stunning waters, high mountains, deserted coastlines and much more. The nature will shock every person and every individual for positive will like enjoying certain time outside.
• The interesting sightseeing and contemporary, multimedia art galleries – Poland has plenty various visitor sites for everybody, no matter if you are thinking about past, historical castles or you simply want to find something new.

How to get to Poland?

Today, the majority of travelers tours to poland (it is worth to see Poland) by jet. Here are seven big flight terminals where the vacationers may start their trip in Poland. They are placed in every corner of the country, so you do not have to worry about the additional transport to the specific part of Poland. The leading airports are situated in Cracow (Balice airport), in Warsaw (Chopin’s flight terminal) and in Katowice (Pyrzowice airport).
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