Ordinances about different kind of baggage

A lot of us are, most of the situations, choosing airplanes flights as our kind of transportation, especially when we are going abroad. Vacations, visiting colleagues and relatives, many people even earning money in different lands. We have plenty of alternatives in companies, we can always choose the cheapest flight in our date and buy it. But the problem is not only with searching for proper flight. Also, we need to get ready to our trip, and beaware of plenty ordinances about flying by plane. The other thing is baggage, at the very first time we are booking our tickets, we have to choose type of it.

Checked baggage

This mode of luggage is dedicated for people, who need to take much more objects with them to their trip. If we are planning long vacations, lasting for four weeks, we have to have plenty of space in our bags. Many of wardrobe and cosmetics, maybe some materials forbidden in carry-on baggage, like scuba dive equipment, food or liquors (read something more). Checked baggage is also chosen by people who are moving out to different places, for job or study. They are taking all their private things with them, witch require at least two big bags. But there are couple things that are hazardous, and you need to avoid it even in your checked baggage. Objects under high-pressure, animals, guns, too much cigarettes or medicines. Your bags maybe randomly checked, so be certain that you don't have any forbidden materials inside, cause the penalty for it could be very huge.
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Carry-on baggage
If you are going to shorter, lasting entire week max vacations, this kind of luggage would be enough for you. A lot of airline corporations allow to take on board one random size bag, and another item, like purse, rucksack or laptop case. But you must to pay attention on what you are packing inside. Cause there are many of things forbidden. When you must to take cosmetics with you, remember to put it in short cases, not bigger then 100 milliliters each, then all of it you have to be gather in transparent, plastic bag.
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Another case are objects with sharp edges - you can't have it with you! Nail-polishers, pointed umbrella, scissors - if security notice any of those in your backpack, they will immediately get rid of it . In your carry-on baggage you may pack cigarettes, but not to much, and meals - just in small distance travels. And remember to take size and weight your baggage before the flight, and check out allowed sizes on your carrier's website. If it will be to huge or heavy, stewardess would ask you to register and pay extra for it.

Flying by an airplane is very convenient, in low prices and rapid. You may relax in your seat and enjoy the beautiful view outside. But if you want your journey to be pleasant,you need to make sure that registered and carry-on baggage are in correct dimensions, and do not contain prohibited materials inside.
2020/03/04, 07:31
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